Tuesday, October 23

Between A Genius and An Asshole

What's there for you if you're a genius but everyone around you is just plain stupid? You SERVE them. The more you get, the more you must serve.

In this world, the rich gets richer and the poor gets, of course poorer. Fuck me right? But that's how things rolls around us. You got money? Then you got everyone around you to serve you. But that is wrong.

Look at our leaders, why do we love them? They served us, and to those who don't, fuck them in the ass, and make sure not to use a condom, so they will get their rectum infected. Preferably herpes or gonorrhea. Because they (read: the leaders) are paid to serve us.

So there's a thin line between a genius or an asshole. Why? Because some asshole pretends to be a genius, while a genius, tend to be an asshole. This things are two different things.

So enjoy life, and always fuck bad politicians' rectum. no condoms.

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