Monday, January 11

school, again, tragic thing happened. on the 2nd day of school.

well, first week of school was very tiring, sleep at 9, seriously..
then i woke up at 4 or 5 am..
mmg b'semangat and im trying to maintain it, to get through this year..

but something outrageous happened on the 2nd day..
my twins, female version, ami or i will say Amilia Zaharah Abdul Razak..
passed away, out of leukemea..
it's a loss, a great deal to me..
sbb dia tak bagitau pun dia hidap leukemea..
and she told her lil sis, Amira, to give me a letter, that she wrote..
she told me it's painful, but yet enjoyable because it's only for a while..
it's just something i said to her and i posted it in this blog..
i said the same thing to aaina and diana..

the 3rd day, still mourning for her death, tiba-tiba dapat call dari amira lagi..
that Ami mewasiatkan her diary to me..
yeah, drastic, i dont have the heart to read it..
80% of her entry is about me..
how i taught her to be optimist about things, how i make her realize that a smile can make a difference..

it sounds like fiction but hell no..
this is the real thing going on..
i cant imagine how a dying girl can smile, a smile so sweet that is ALMOST melted my heart..
Ami was like my lil sis, i dont have any lil sis..
i gave much advice to her..
yet, u still practicing it when u are dying eh?
may allah bless u ami. Al - Fatihah..