Saturday, February 20

My Holiday Schedule

this holiday is one of the best thing that have gone through in my life!

SAT - Swimming at Palace Of The Golden Horses

SUN - picnic at Sungai Gabai

MON - visiting budak sakit, my dearest Aaina invited, then that evening, idk but i meet Aaina again for my bestfriend's sake, he wanna meet Diana, so, i think its a double date on that day. =]

TUE - camping at Doctor Campsite, a private camping sites just for those who really know the owner, what an honour!

WED - date! again!

THU - balik kampung! but got an unfortunate funeral, coincidently.

FRI - idk, i FONGOT! haha! but i pergi solat jumaat ok?

SAT - work work work!

SUN - idk, belum jumpa lagi..

MON - School! XDD

Friday, February 12

haih, cuti cuti.

like always, holidays are great, but then it became monotonous!
im gonna miss my friends, teachers, d40s, lab, computers, classes, free internet etc etc..
holiday is great, enjoyable yet boring sometimes.

Tuesday, February 9


idk why..
lately, i've been happy, tapi bila duduk sorang sorang...
kepala ni melayang kat situ jugak, takda tempat lain dia nak singgah..
idk if its a burden or a leisure anymore, dulu lain, skrg lain..
tadi masa kat ICT, zhaf suddenly bukak profile fb naj..
then, terus flashback masa kejadian terjadi tuu..
org ckp mmg tak elok berpegang dgn benda yg dah lepas..

tapi kalau benda tu dah lepas, and dia dtg balik, mcm mana?
sakit kepala ni..


kenapa aku asyik teringat kat arwah naj and ami?

Thursday, February 4

emm, let smile!

i dont know why i tend to ran into a lots of people whose having a problem..
they kinda effected me in some ways..
somehow, when they told me their problem, i feel like a saviour..
i wanna help them, but im just a person, normal student..
so lets smile to make things better =]
even we cant solve the problem, at least we enjoyed trying to solve it..
and happy too!
idk why i posted this thingy, haha!