Saturday, August 14

Kenny Rogers Roasters

the last day of Sya'ban, as we planned, everyone would gather at Kenny Rogers and eat like we have never eaten before. ok, it's not greed, or lust, or gluttony, or something similar to it. just. WE ARE CELEBRATING RAMADHAN.

i ordered, err, some tangy pasta jadah. i forgot the dish's name, but it tasted like Asam Pedas Melaka, haha.

and umm, what was that? pasta with meatballs? yes, this is it.

i'm not done yet, now it's time to order some drinks. this is called, err, what eh, aaaaaaa, Chocolate Mocha with Caramel? yes, i think i got it right. haha

it's has been a lovely evening :) i enjoyed hanging out with friends and stuffs. and SYAHIRA FAZLIN brought her camera! thanks Shera :) so, we posed an absurdly funneh faces, brainstorming, and come up with, some TANTALIZING pictures. haha

this is just the preview, BUMMER!

u can view them in my Facebook profile, if i already uploaded it. haha. that day was like no other, we acted like Groupies of Kenny Rogers Roasters. haha. and literally, that Kenny Rogers is ours on that day. we do not give any attention of our surroundings. very sorry Mr. Rogers :D

we make that Kenny Rogers looked like a mamak stall to everyone. haha. sorry for our attitude, can't help it :)

so, Happy Ramadhan to all muslimin and muslimah. puasa jangan mengada ngada nak lubang lubang ok? susah nanti. salam. :)

Friday, August 13

The Need

"why do we have to hate?"
haha. comic question of the day comes from username.

yes i'm trying to imitate Ray William Johnson for his bright ideas of, making something out of ordinary. i tend to blabber off with, something ordinary, and sometimes i wonder.

why do adults, most of them except for someone i, err, know. find it difficult to smile or laugh, when kids find it very easy, or prompt *apo ni? to laugh, LTAO, ROFL, LOL just for nothing. just for some small things, or ordinary?

i do not know the answer and i'm searching for it.

i don't understand, or can't, when we get older, we find it hard just to make someone smile, at us, or at someone else, or something. *dah merepek dah ni. why why oh why?

it is not THAT hard wal difficult to smile, or laugh, or maybe just smile, it's okay. the thing is, smile is CONTAGIOUS. yes. i've done it and the results are quite bright.

let's do this okay? i am at a place that is full of strangers. i.e supermarket, shopping complex, on the sidewalk etc. i sat down, and sometimes just standing, acting like a safety pole or a beggar, yes, i don't care as long as i find the answer to my question. then i smiled. to peoples. :)

and i found that, most Malaysians find it peculiar for a boy, or a man, idk, on the sidewalk, smiling for nothing. just smile, as long as it comes from your heart. i heard them quote this.

"apa budak ni? gila ke?" and

"dah takda kerja tersenyum sorang sorang kat tepi jalan, macam kerang busuk" and

"baru keluar mental hospital agaknya" and

"jaga jaga, budak ni pedophile besar kemungkinan"

okay, enough examples. why thoughts like this, that was running through our minds? i did not do any harm, as far as i know, i was just smiling and sometimes waving kids goodbye. they amaze me on how things should be done simply.

on the contrary, i smiled to foreigners, tourists, and SEGELINTIR masyarakat Malaysia has given a positive reactions on how i interact. just with smiling of course.

"hi there, u have a great smile, but what for?"

"actually, i was smiling, to make others smile, too."

"well, that's a wonderful thoughts of yours, how old are u?"

"err, honestly, i'm 17 sir."

"17? u must have a lots of spare time to smile to other people eh?"

"haha. just doing some private research sir."

"okay, make sure u did not neglect your studies"

"i won't sir, thank you." :)

for your information, that is the ACTUAL conversation. i didn't made it up. that would be very, UNETHICAL.

see how things get better with A SMILE? it is a signal, which is recognised by the brains, as a friendly gestures of our body. and it is VERY EASY to do it too.

maybe that is why i adore kids. haha. with their imagination, and a little bit of creativity, they can turn the world upside down, or they can come with a conclusions, on how things should have worked better.

children, kids, babies. i salute u!

adults just make things more complicated, because they have been introduced to, err, maturity, ego, and many other factors. it's not that i did not salute the adults, i salute them too. but things are way simpler with kids.

i wanna go back to the era where i have bum bum cheeks, suka makan habuk, minum susu, haha.

ok, that time was completely out of reach, now i have to pursue the BRIGHT future, or not so bright but what the heck. as long as i can make everybody smile. and maybe that is the mission that will never be completed by me.

and recently, i was just too busy to update my blog because, well, it's Ramadhan, and the trial examination is just a click away. so, till next time. :)

AND DON'T FORGET TO SMILE. sunnah tau. :)))

August Of The Year

err, i have to take a very long rest since, masa tak mengizinkan. and umm, i will update THIS thingy at the end of, c'mon lah, if i got spare time. :)

Tuesday, August 3


macam haram kot masa kat sekolah. lepas habis bertugas, nak masuk bilik majalah, kena tunggu cikgu. haha. orang dah laa penat ni. ok ok, dengan sabarnya saya tunggu.:)

tiba tiba si HAZIM ni. korang boleh tgk blog dia kat sidebar ami*>>>

"weh, kalau aku pakai beg ni ok jugak kan?"

beg yang dimaksudkan oleh si pencinta fuker ni adalah beg AAINA NADIA yang berwarna pink ada bear bear coklat tu. mmg lah cute kalau perempuan pakai, lelaki? haha. bayangkan je lah.

so, dia pun dengan tak tanggalkan beg dia, pakai beg AAINA, letak kat depan. and then tiba tiba ntah dari mana idea gila ni datang, stress menunggu punya pasal*

"HAZIM, kalau kau buat CATWALK sampai kat depan cermin tandas guru tu pun ok jugak"

"ok ke? ok aku buat, kau tunggu sana"

"ok aku tunggu, kau buat yang vogue vogue tau, yang kalah model perempuan punya"

"takda hal lah bro!"

then dia pun buat CATWALK, dah macam bapok dah ami tengok, haha. ROFL lah orang cakap. haha. sumpah kelakar bro kau buat macam tu, even kat depan public. depan cikgu dan budak budak muda. haha.

ok then ami pun join, tapi tak berapa kelakar sangat sebab over gila, haha. and then HUZAI pun buat, nak jugak dia menyibuk tu, haha. dia awesome, kalah kita orang. haha. tengoklah pakwe siapa pulak kaa? haha :P

untung DIANA.

haha. ok got to go. kerja kerja. :) bubye folks.

Monday, August 2

The Late

forever and a day.

as the day comes closer, the pain grows. i think of u. why did i miss u so much? you're a goner. we were far apart from each other, but why can't i forget u? I've been at your place now, it's recovering, it's healing well, but there is one thing i can't understand.

why she have to go, I don't know she wouldn't say. listening to Yesterday by The Beatles. the late John Lennon is just awesome.

u keep it as a secret, and it won't last long. i will be there on your birthday, beside u. recite fo u and stuffs. don't worry. you're 17 and u don't have to worry a thing. :)

bye ami, my sidekick.

Sunday, August 1

Sotong Goreng Tepung Cicah Madu

apa kaitan sotong, dengan ayam, reban, langsat, mata kucing dengan orang yang tak makan buah? kepala sekarang ibarat daun yang kena tiup angin kencang dan bukan, tak saya tak ambil dadah. alaa, korang bukannya faham pun kalau ami cakap macam ni. haih.

semalam penat sangat. kerja kerja kerja. online online online, kelas kelas kelas. belajar belajar belajar and banyak lagi.

idk what is going on with my head. it just, keep floating away, macam high pun ada, tapi, entah laa. it's hard for me to process something dengan rasional. ergh. apalah kepala ni. Ya Allah.

why and why not? apa kaitan dua dua jadah ni? kenapa benda ni ada dalam kepala hotak ami sedangkan ami sepatutnya, err, menjadi lebih focus and lebih tenteram?


apa dah jadi ni? why are these random thoughts entering my mind like a matrix code downloaded form an untrusted database of hell?

bagi minum sunlight ais baru tau. yea, itu uncle Salleh saya. yang macam siot kpala jenis nak mengenakan orang. mana kau haa orang tua? mana? nak nasik lemak lah. haha. and air kickapoo yang dijual murah tuu? saya mau itu botol kaca. mau kasi pecah tiu budak punya kepala.

"maybe u didnt get enough sleep."

i didnt get enough sleep since i was 16, it's hard to maintain positive thoughts about something that is variable, uncertain. lucky u, i have been in this problem since i was accidentally involved in this situation dimana, accidentally u said my name in front of him, and it snapped right out of his mind.

itu middle finger kenal kan? good. capiche.