Wednesday, August 8

Did You Or Didn't You Know?

It's funny how two people are in love. Did you know why?

Because God gives them the feeling to love each other. And I do not have that privilege, yet, or not. I do not know.

It is always funny when they're doing it the wrong way. It's funny how the guy promises the girl to take care of her and umm, gives her happiness. And and, they are loving each other for the sake of God, they said.

But what you can see clearly is, they take it to the whole new level and they are doing it wrong. For the sake of God, just by words. Just by their fucking words. I'm not talking about marriage of course. Just the basic hooking up and breaking up.

It's natural and that is life. One time you are a great man and the next is not very amusing to hear. I'm not writing these because I regret breaking up. Actually, I never regretted anything in my life because I reap what I sow and, for me breaking up is a blessing. I liked it. I actually liked it.

What the fuck right? And there's another one thing about life. You give RM0.20 to someone out of sincerity, and you got RM20 in return. That's is life. And there is God. Finire.

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